PORKKA Ltd. render its activities in St. Petersburg for 18 years, during which it acquired the professional reputation & became well known in different Russian regions from Karelia to Far East, Belorussia, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Baltick Sea countries.

Finnish trade mark PORKKA® was established in Europe long time ago. Several companies in England, Germany, Sweden & Norway are working under this brand. Made with use of high technologies cooling equipment PORKKA® started to deliver to Russia even in 1965 mainly for oil, gas or other extractive industries. At present the whole index of products proposed for selling throughout Russia is widely extended. Moreover, there established the plant for manufacturing the wide range of metal products for cooling, food, medical, trade & other industries, which is situated at Industrial Zone Shushary in St. Petersburg. Company has ISO sertificate.

Today our company successfully develops different trends of activities:

  • Integrated equipment of different grocery, department stores, warehouses, superstores (including refrigerated & neutral showcases, cooling chambers, racks, cafe & kitchen fitments).  

  • Manufacturing in our plant various models of swinging & sliding doors & gates for cooling chambers, storehouses, workshops, departments, offices, shops etc. We are selling them either straight to customers or through dealers. Otherwise comapy is the exclusive Distributor of FRIGOGOORS products (Italy) in North-West Territory of Russia.

  • Manufacturing in our plant special Post Mortem chabers, having different cooling temperature rates, made from stainless steel & also different associated accessories (tables, wheel stretchers etc.)

  • Delivery of standard demountable cold stores PORKKA (Finland) with volumes from 1,4  to 17,7 m3.

  • Design, delivery & assemblage of manifold refrigerated storage facilities with volumes more than 150 m3 under “turn-key” conditions. Walling - sandwich panels.

  • Design, delivery, mounting & starting up of different refrigeration systems (chillers, industrial & commercial plants, freezers). Also delivery of spare parts, automation devices & component units for above mentioned systems.   

  • Delivery of special purpose service arrangements, devices & utilities for refrigeration & air-conditioning industries.

  • Design, delivery, mounting & starting up of equipment for professional kitchens & cook-houses of various cafй, snack-bars, restaurants (boilers, ovens, cutting, processing, washing, ice-making & a lot of other machines).  

  • Highly qualified & professional installation works, connected with all types of the above mentioned constructions & machinery. Also we render backup services, service manning & maintenance, repair works – according individual requests or time contracts.  

PORKKA Ltd., Russia, is always standing on guard over your offers, desires & problems. Every Customer or Partner is very important & interesting for us. Using our skills we are ready to reach the optimal technical decision. We are working not only with direct Customers, but with numerous Partners & are prepared to discuss any variants of cooperation.


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